Weebly Pricing Plans: How Much Does it Cost to Sign Up?

Last Updated on December 4, 2021 by James Wilson

In this article, we’re going to be talking about Weebly pricing plans. Weebly offers 4 pricing plans (Weebly Connect, Weebly Pro, Weebly Business, and Weebly Business Plus). They range from £4 per month to £28 per month, so we will be discussing the differences.

Many people focus on the price of a product before taking into account what the product actually offers. For example, if I told you that Weebly’s Business Plus plan costs £336 per year, you’d probably run a mile.

And the thing is, I totally get it. I’ve been that person, but since starting UKWebHostReview, I’ve learned a lot about value for money.

Most companies, whether they’re web hosts, website builders, or domain registrars, offer multiple pricing options. That’s because not everyone wants the same thing. An individual starting a blog is going to need a lot less in terms of resources compared to a small business.

That’s why I created this Weebly pricing review to help people like you.


Weebly Pricing Overview

Weebly Pricing Plan Annual Cost Monthly Equivalent
Connect £48 £4
Pro £108 £9
Business £216 £18
Business Plus £336 £28

Weebly does have a free plan, however, it only offers basic features. Weebly’s four premium plans range from £4 to £28 per month when billed annually. All plans allow you to connect a custom domain to them, but only the Pro plan onwards offers eCommerce functionality.

What’s great about Weebly is that you can upgrade at any time. If you think in 6 months time you’ll be expanding into selling online, you can simply upgrade from the Connect to the Pro plan. If you’ve already paid your £48 fee upfront, you won’t have to pay for the Pro plan on top of that. For example, if you’ve paid £48, you’ll subtract that from the £108 the Pro plan costs, leaving you with £60 to pay.


Visit Weebly.com (£4/Month)


Weebly Pricing Plans – What’s Included

It’s time to talk about what’s actually included in Weebly’s pricing plans. We know how much they cost monthly and annually, so let’s explore the features that are on offer. First I want to show you the key differences between their free and paid plans.

Website Builder Features Free Plan Paid Plan


Free SSL
Custom Domain
Remove Branding

The main differences between the free and paid plan are that you can connect a custom domain, and you won’t have annoying Weebly branding on your website. If your aim is to look professional or you’re starting a small business, it’s vital that your website doesn’t have Weebly’s branding on it.

Think of it this way, would you feel more comfortable and have more confidence in buying from a website that looked like this: www.myshop.weebly.com or this: www.myshop.com – hopefully you’ll agree the latter.


Site Features

Now that we agree Weebly’s paid plans are going to offer more in terms of features, let’s explore them in more detail. Weebly’s pricing plans are divided up into categories. The first of these being site features which are the essential and baseline features of your website.

Site Features Connect Pro Business Business Plus
Free SSL
Storage 500MB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Domain
Remove Weebly Ads
Site Search


If you’re planning on selling products using Weebly, you’ll need to consider their eCommerce features. The Free and Connect plan don’t offer any eCommerce features. It’s for this reason I’m going to exclude them both from the table below so as not to confuse things.

eCommerce Pro Business Business Plus
Shopping Cart
Accept payments through Square
Accept payments through third parties
Item Badges
Item Options
Inventory Management
Automatic Tax Calculator
Coupon Codes
Square Gift Cards
Item Reviews
Shipping Calculator
Integrated Shipping Labels
Shipping Discounts Good Best
Abandoned Cart Emails
Real-time Shipping

If you’re a start-up business or small business, I’d definitely recommend the Pro plan at £9 per month. There’s a lot of features included that will probably keep you going without having to spend double per month on the Business plan.



Certain aspects of marketing are great for individual websites and blogs. SEO is a key factor in generating traffic to your website. We have to remember that not all customers will want to sell products online. That’s why Weebly’s pricing plans are so great; they’re versatile and cater to a wide audience.

Marketing Connect Pro Business Business Plus
Search Engine Optimisation
Lead Capture and Contact Forms
Advanced Site Stats
Pop-up Notifications
Advanced eCommerce Statistics


Customer Support

Customer support is another key factor when deciding to buy a product or service. Most people who opt to use a website builder either aren’t a web developer or have limited web development skills. It’s for this reason, amongst others, that support is so important. If you come across tools or features you don’t understand or have burning questions that need answering, support should be on-hand and brilliant, every step of the way.

Support Connect Pro Business Business Plus
Community Forum
Chat & Email Support
Phone Support


Weebly Pricing Plans – A Different Perspective

A lot of people find it frustrating that companies advertise their cheapest price on their pricing plans. Whilst I do understand this is annoying, I want to put things into perspective a little. Let’s take a look at Weebly’s pricing plans with and without the yearly and 2-yearly discounts.

Term Length (monthly equivalent) Pro Business Business Plus
1 month £14 £26 £32
1-month savings £0 £0 £0
1 year £9 £18 £28
1-year savings £60 £96 £48
2 year £7 £16 £26
2-year savings £168 £240 £144

The longer you sign up to Weebly, the cheaper it becomes. The savings are massive, reaching up to a whopping £240. I know that’s a lot of money to pay upfront, but if you’re serious about signing up to Weebly, it’s well worth it.

Let’s break Weebly’s pricing down even further for another perspective. This is how much each plan would cost you on a daily basis if you signed up for an initial 1-year term:

  • Pro: 29p per day
  • Business: 59p per day
  • Business Plus: 92p per day

When you look at it like that, it’s costing you barely anything. I can guarantee that you spend more on your lunch per day (probably quadruple those figures)!


Visit Weebly.com (£4/Month)


Weebly Pricing Plans – Is Premium Really Worth It?

We know that Weebly offers a free plan, so why would you want to upgrade to their premium plans? Granted, there are a lot of website builders offering freebies, as well as free web hosts. However, it’s often the case that free limits what’s on offer.

With Weebly, I’m confident that I can put my money where my mouth is. Their premium plans are worth every penny in my opinion. Whether you’re a blogger, small business, or entrepreneur, they cater to a wide audience and do this well.

I have every confidence that Weebly invests the money their customers spend. They’re always upgrading their services, improving the tools on offer, and provide a great level of customer support.

The United Kingdom is the leading country in Europe in terms of online shopping penetration. By now a mature market, UK e-commerce sales reached a value of 688.4 billion British pounds in 2018. Between 2016 and 2017 alone, e-commerce sales went up by 80 billion British pounds.

If I still haven’t managed to convince you, think of it this way… how much would it cost to open up a physical store for your business? I can assure you it would be an awful lot more than what you’d spend with Weebly.


Weebly Pricing – Conclusion

I hope by now I’ve made Weebly’s pricing plans clear. Let’s have a quick recap of how much each of their plans are when paying annually:

  • Weebly Connect: £4 per month
  • Weebly Pro: £9 per month
  • Weebly Business: £18 per month
  • Weebly Business Plus: £28 per month

If you aren’t sure whether Weebly is worth it, you can always try their free plan. This should give you enough of an idea of what they’re like as a company, their services, features, and customer support.

For individuals and bloggers, I highly recommend the Connect or Pro plan. They’re both reasonably priced and will offer you a lot in terms of features. Small businesses and growing businesses would be wise to choose the Pro, Business or Business Plus plans.

Remember, you can always upgrade your plan with Weebly, simply paying the difference.


Visit Weebly.com (£4/Month)


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