02 Jan

Should I Start Blogging in 2017?

If you are a business owner then you have probably thought about starting a blog, or if you haven’t given it any thought then maybe it is time that you did! If you’re not sure exactly what a blog is, take a look at this handy guide – Introduction to Blogging. It can take less an hour to setup a blog and get started. All you need is a solid hosting provider and some content to get started!

When blogging was first introduced there was a conception that it was for people who like to have their say and give their opinion on whatever area of expertise (or in many cases lack of expertise) that they held without always adding any great value.

In the current day, blogging has transformed into a powerful business marketing strategy that business owners can’t afford to miss out on and I’ll explain why:

Search Engine Optimisation

The key to getting increased traffic to your website is to rank highly in the search engines. Publishing a regular blog will enable you to rank higher as you will have more content that gets indexed. Links to your website will also influence the SEO ranking. In order to get other sites linking to yours you’ll need to create great content that adds value.

Attract new Customers

If you can write a blog that people either enjoy reading or find useful, then they are more likely to do custom with you. Let’s say for example, you are a Plumber and you write a blog on how to fix a dripping tap, people who want to fix their dripping tap are likely to head to the Internet for the solution. Whilst you might think this is doing you out of business because you are advising them how to do it themselves, they may not have found your services otherwise. Plus, they will remember your website (or their internet browser will) when they are looking for someone to do a bigger plumbing job.

If you create a blog that is great quality, people are also compelled to share it with friends and family, increasing your reach every time your blog gets a share! Find out more about how Social Media Marketing can help your business.

Boost your Reputation

If you have high quality, valuable and professional content in your blog then your business will be seen in the same way. Credibility is a big factor in marketing and you can get ahead of the competition by creating blogs that boost your reputation as a highly competent business. Try and become an “expert” in your field and start writing quality content focused on your market.

It doesn’t take much time or money

If you already have a website then you probably already have the blog functionality available to use. Writing a blog every fortnight shouldn’t take too long, especially when you’re writing about something that you know inside out. If you’re not confident with writing or you want to develop something really creative and don’t have the skills yourself, you could pay someone else to do it at a fairly reasonable price. You will probably find that the investment turns out to more than pay for itself.

Interact with your Customers to find out what they want

One of the great things about blogs is that people can add comments. Perhaps there is a service that people want and you currently don’t provide because you thought there wasn’t any demand. If Customers use comments to ask for this service, you’re getting that you couldn’t get through and channel other than social media.

There are many other great reasons to start writing blogs but these ones alone show you that you should start blogging if you haven’t already. You can even do it part time to start off with and see how it goes. Maybe it’ll give you enough income to leave your job!

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