Wix Review

Wix is a popular website builder used by millions of people. With it’s choice of pricing plans, I’d consider it an affordable way to build a website within just a couple of hours. Launched in 2006, Wix has climbed it’s way up the website builder ladder. As of 2018, Wix holds the biggest market share of website builders with over 22.6%.

Like many website builders, Wix enables you to create professional websites without the need of any coding. However, Wix has taken this concept up a notch with artificial intelligence (AI). AI based website builders work by gathering information about their users. This information is used to create the best website for your needs. The type of website and your design preferences will be taken into consideration. Then it’s all in your hands to customise!

With Wix, you can choose from hundreds of templates and incorporate their drag and drop functionality. Alternatively, you can use Wix ADI, allowing Wix to create and design your website for you. Having both options is a brilliant idea in my opinion, allowing users to experiment with the best tools for their website.

Ease of Use

As mentioned briefly, Wix makes it so easy to create your website. You’ll get a choice between the Wix editor or Wix ADI. The Wix editor allows you to edit an existing template to make it the perfect fit for your site. Wix ADI takes information that you’ve provided and creates a website based on your needs in a matter of minutes.

With Wix ADI you can still edit the design, but I’d recommend using the Wix editor if you want to do this. If you’re a little more tech savvy, you can make use of something called Wix code. Wix code enables you to edit the HTML behind your website template, allowing for more customisation.


Blog: Wix isn’t just a website builder! Many websites now have blogs incorporated into them. This is a great way to create interesting stories for your users to read and encourages interaction. Customers can follow your blog posts and comment on them, and this is made easy with Wix. You can create a website with a blogging section on your site. You can categorise blog posts, create social bookmarks, and enable a search bar to make it easier for your visitors.
eCommerce: If you want to setup an online store, Wix eCommerce is a brilliant place to start. You can create your online store using the Wix editor or Wix ADI. Wix’s eCommerce plan allows you to create unlimited products to sell, discount codes, coupons, shipping options, and more.
Driving Traffic: Once you’ve created your website, you’ll probably want to encourage visitors to it. Driving traffic to your site can be hard to start off with, but of course, Wix makes it easy. Wix has a personalised SEO plan for each website. This is a great place to get your website appearing on search engines, and you don’t have to know too much about what you’re doing. Once your SEO is established, you can use analytics to gauge where your visitors are coming from, who they are, etc. This will allow you to create personalised marketing plans in order to drive even more traffic to your site.


Starting from just £3 per month, you can create a professional Wix website with your own domain. However, your site will be branded with Wix adverts which could be an issue for some. If you’re happy to pay £6 per month (which I think is very affordable), you’ll have no more ads and a lot more features.
I’d personally recommend the unlimited plan at £8.50 per month. Still very reasonably priced, but you’ll have unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage, free domain, and £75 worth of advert vouchers. This package will surely get you off to a good start, and there’s always the option to upgrade later down the line if you like. Wix makes it really easy to upgrade your account. If you’re on your website’s dashboard and come across a feature that isn’t available on your plan, you’re just 1 click away from upgrading.
Wix offers separate eCommerce and business plans that are more tailored towards these purposes. eCommerce plans start from £13 per month and allow you to accept 100% commission free payments online. There’s plenty of storage too, but if it looks like your close to reaching your limit, the Business Unlimited plan may be more appropriate.

Customer Support

Wix’s customer support is pretty great in my eyes. Their Help Center is the starting point for all queries. It’s really easy to search for your issue using their search bar at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can look through their categories for popular topics where you may find your answer first.
If you don’t find the answer to your question, there’s also the option to contact Wix’s support team directly. Wix will ask you a few questions to begin with to establish what you need help with. Although this may seem a little long-winded, you might find that Wix does have the answer after all (without needing to speak to someone).
You can submit a support ticket to Wix with all the information that you want to provide. Once someone receives your ticket, they’ll investigate the issue and get back to you via email. This option is handy if you don’t have time to search for an answer and you don’t mind waiting a few hours. Alternatively, if you need immediate support, you can contact them via telephone. The only limit here though is that they are only open during PST times.


Creating beautiful websites in minutes is entirely possible with Wix. I really love how professional and modern their templates are. Having the option of the Wix Editor or Wix ADI is a great addition to their feature list too. Once you’ve created your website, you can edit your main site and mobile site’s separately (if you want). Having this flexibility is a great benefit for those who are running a business and want to encourage more mobile traffic.

Wix’s plans are incredibly affordable, considering what you get with them! You could pay over £1000 for a web designer to create something similar to what you can create with Wix, for the price of a coffee. Whether you’re building a personal website or an online store, Wix has all the tools you’ll need. From SEO to marketing apps, analytics to booking forms, you’ve got everything at your finger tips.

Did I mention that you can get started with Wix for free? That’s right, if you want to give Wix a go but aren’t sure whether you want to pay for their premium plans, you can start off without paying a penny. There will of course be some limitations, but this is expected given how powerful their software is.

For me, I’d recommend Wix to almost anyone. There are so many options to choose from, it would be hard to find something that a customer wouldn’t want.

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