Helpful Tools

Have a read of these useful resources for bloggers, designed to help you share what you love in the best way possible – from trending topics, to tips for creating great blog titles, proof-reading, finding images for your blog, and for sharing your blog with the blogger community. Please note UK Web Host Review is not affiliated with any of these companies and are purely suggestions.


For Discovering Trending Topics


How to Write Better Headlines

WP Image Suite

For Finding Great Stock Images


For Monetising Your Blog With Ads


For Proofreading Each New Article


A Place to Gather a Following

Marketing Tools

Here are some interesting tips on marketing your website, your brand and your products, if applicable. We know how quickly markets change in today’s fast paced world and how important it is to keep up, so we gathered some tools to help us all do so.


Community Driven Marketplace for Good Content


Auto0-Contact Your Leads Based on What They Do On Your Site


A Great Tool For Scheduling Social Media Posts


Recover Abandoning Visitors and Get Them Engaged Again


Find Out Who’s Talking About You


A Great Data Gathering Platform for Quality A/B Testing

SEO Tools

How does SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) actually work? Does it actually work!? We found some tips and insights from Google themselves, as well as other sources, detailing how and how not to get traffic flowing to your site via search engines.


Google’s Tool for SEO Research

Google Keywords

Here’s a Guide to Using Google’s Tool


A Great Place to Start Learning SEO

KW Finder

Another Great Keyword Finding Tool

LongTail Pro

A Great Tool for Keyword Research


A-typical Tool for Longtail Keywords

Hiring Freelancers

There are aways things to do for your website, but what if you just can’t do it yourself? There are so many talented freelancers out there, wishing for the chance to get involved with you. Here are 3 of our favourite platforms for finding reliable, quality freelancers.


Sometimes being productive can get so tiring, can’t it? Here are some inspiring, relevant resources that we found, designed to lift you and motivate you when you’re feeling a bit less sparky than usual. Have a read, and go and make some magic!


A Community for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs


A Site the Features Engaging, Excellent Content

An Obvious Starting Point for Entrepreneurs


To create great content you need to know what people are interested in. What is it that makes your site successful? What should you work on, and what should you do more of? Use these analytics tools to find out.


WordPress Plugin for Stats & Analysis

Google Analytics

The standard among many webmasters

Dot Com Tools 

Free online website performance tools - Best Web Hosting Comparison