Best Cheap Dedicated Hosting Companies in 2019

Dedicated web hosting should offer dedicated web servers, as well as a sort of ‘VIP’ feel to them. Yes, you’re paying more for the technology, but you should also feel like the web host is invested in YOU!

Dedicated server technology has come on leaps and bounds over the last year alone.  However, dedicated servers aren’t just about awesome servers. Users are wanting more from their web hosts (I don’t blame them).

If you’re spending your hard earned cash on an entire server, you’re going to want special treatment. Unfortunately, there are too many web hosts that don’t provide a good level of customer service.

I took it upon myself to sign up to the best dedicated server hosting companies to test them for myself (and for you).

I’ve put each dedicated host through the ringer, evaluating technical specs, features, price, and customer service.

Best Dedicated Hosting Companies

1. SiteGround: Best Dedicated Server Provider

SiteGround is my all time favourite web host (for many reasons). They offer some of the best features I’ve seen in the web hosting market. They also produce incredible servers which deliver on speed and performance in ways I haven’t seen before.

SiteGround Web HostingSiteGround’s premium managed servers come with 3 different pricing plans. They also have 3 data center locations which I’ve noticed is a rare occurrence with dedicated servers. You can choose whether to host your dedicated server in U.S.A., Europe, or Asia.

Pricing Plans

SiteGround’s pricing plans are a tad on the expensive side when compared to other dedicated web hosts like BlueHost. However, I’m going to show you why they are worth investing in (believe me, they really are).

SiteGround’s dedicated hosting plans include the following features which are free on all plans:

• WHM & cPanel

• Private DNS setup

• Firewall

• 5 dedicated IPs

• CloudFlare CDN

• 5 PHP versions

There’s lots more where that came from too! You’ll notice that SiteGround offer free features in all of their plans which other web hosts like HostGator charge for. SiteGround is one of those companies that consider their customers on all levels and create services that exceed expectations.

Their entry server starts from £195 per month (excluding VAT). With this you’ll get 4 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, 480GB SSD, and 10TB bandwidth. That’s all included in their most basic dedicated server plan. This is why SiteGround are incredibly awesome in my opinion. Just look at those specs!

The power server plan adds a little more clock speed, doubles the RAM, and doubles the SSD storage. The price increase is very reasonable when you consider the extra specs you’re getting for your money. Things really ramp up if you’re willing to spend big bucks on the super power server. This is obviously very expensive but is aimed towards large companies and enterprises (not really worth mentioning here to be honest).


As I mentioned earlier, SiteGround offer features that other web hosts charge you for (SiteGround provide them for free). All of SiteGround’s dedicated hosting plans are fully managed. You won’t have to worry about setting your server up or monitoring it, as SiteGround do this on a 24/7 basis.

SiteGround’s dedicated servers include Softaculous, covering a wealth of 1-click installations like WordPress. They guarantee they’ll keep your WordPress site updated, a staging server for WordPress, SSH and WP-CLI, as well as GIT integration.

You can also add SiteGround’s performance booster for an additional £35 per month. It’s based on SiteGround’s SuperCacher (which is very awesome), increasing the speed of your WordPress site even more!

It is based on our famous SuperCacher and provides Nginx-based static and special dynamic cache options for your WordPress and Memcached!

Customer Support

SiteGround’s customer support is second to none. Every time I’ve contacted their support, including for my dedicated server, I’ve been impressed. SiteGround’s support agents have the ability to act and talk to you like a human, which is great. I don’t ever feel like they use standard ‘copy/paste’ material when talking to you.

When I clicked on the support button, I was given the option to login to my support account, or speak to a sales advisor. I chose on this occasion to speak to a sales advisor to see what new customers were faced with.

I was connected to an agent within around 10 seconds which was very impressive. I tried several times during different times of the day to test peak times, and much to my surprise they never failed to pick up a live chat within at least 30 seconds.

The support agent (Toni) was polite, cheerful, and helpful. She knew what she was talking about and went the extra mile to detail information that I hadn’t even asked for (but it was useful).

She answered all my questions in a timely manner and spent the time to explain things in terms that anyone could understand. I always rate SiteGround’s support insanely high, because they’ve never let me down!

Speed & Performance

As per standard SiteGround experience, I didn’t expect anything less than great when it came to SiteGround’s performance. I monitored my dedicated server to see what kind of uptime I’d get over a 6 month period.

My server experienced a small outage in November 2018, but apart from that, I’ve always had a solid uptime. An uptime of >99.99% is absolutely bang on. There’s nothing to complain about in this area. I also monitored SiteGround’s response time which came in at 523ms (around 0.5 seconds). I know if I get a dedicated server with SiteGround I’m going to be happy, and so are my customers!


+ Packed full of free features

+ Fully managed servers with 24/7 support

+ Amazing personal customer support



– Slightly expensive


2. Liquid Web – Best Value for Money

Before I start talking about Liquid Web, I just want to explain to you what I mean by value for money. This doesn’t always necessarily mean the cheapest web host, as it takes other factors into consideration. Some web hosts offer free hosting, but it doesn’t mean it’s value for money.

Sometimes spending a few extra £££’s can mean the difference between an alright web host and a great web host. You have to consider what you’re getting for your money; features, performance, and of course customer service. As well as the web host providing you with a great experience, you want to ensure your website visitors feel the same way.

Liquid Web are by far from the cheapest dedicated web host, but they do offer a lot! I’d recommend Liquid Web for any type of user; bloggers, small businesses, or even large enterprises. Their customer support is second to none and their features drive a hard bargain. This is why I feel strongly that they are the best value for money dedicated web host.

Pricing Plans

Liquid Web offer a large selection of pricing plans across multiple locations:

  • US Central Servers (Michigan)
  • US West Servers (Arizona)
  • EU Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Every single one of their dedicated servers guarantees the following features (this is where we consider value for money):

  • DDoS Protection
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Backups
  • ServerSecure Advanced Security
  • cPanel, WHM, and Plesk Onyx
  • IPMI access
  • Root access
  • Dedicated IP address (this is very important)
  • SSD storage
  • 100% uptime

Although you’re paying a lot more for Liquid Web’s servers, you get a lot more included. Of course, deciding whether to sign up to Liquid Web really depends on your own needs. If you’ve decided to buy a dedicated server, you probably know what to expect in the first place. You can choose whether you want a self-managed, core managed, or fully managed plan with Liquid Web.

At this point, it’s worth noting that if your website uses more bandwidth than you’ve signed up for, you’ll be charged for this. It might seem harsh, but it’s very common in the web hosting market. Consider how many pages your website has versus the amount of visitors you’re likely to get a month and decide whether each plan offers enough for your needs.


Liquid Web’s dedicated servers alone are absolutely top notch. The cheapest EU package has 240GB SSD storage and 5TB Bandwidth which is absolutely insane (insanely good might I add).

However, keep in mind that Liquid Web comes with the best and fastest customer support in the industry and with a package above $1000 you’ll get live access to web architects to solve any of your issues instantly. Obviously, these packages are best for huge enterprises with a ton of traffic and activity on their sites.

They offer a wide range of operating systems, so the choice is pretty much all yours!

As well as offering DDoS protection and a CDN at no extra cost, Liquid Web has a huge selection of additional services that you can purchase. These can be changed, enhanced, or simply added onto your existing server.

Customer Support

Now, the part that I’ve been raving about all through this review! I wanted to test Liquid Web’s live chat service, as I’ve heard how good their support service is. When I clicked on the ‘talk to a human’ button I was connected to an agent in less than 10 seconds which was very impressive. I absolutely hate waiting for customer support to respond, but 10 seconds was a record!

I asked the agent (Joe) if he could tell me more about the CDN included in Liquid Web’s dedicated hosting packages. Joe was very friendly, helpful, and most importantly knowledgeable.

Joe didn’t just point me to an article to read, he bothered spending the time to explain the answer to my question. He explained it in a tone that made it easy to understand, even if you didn’t know what a CDN was useful for. Top marks from me!

It’s also worth noting that I contacted Liquid Web at around 5:40 PM (GMT) which is when I’d expect their customer service to be busy. Even with the time of day, there were no delays and the responses were very quick.

Speed & Performance

I can’t complain about Liquid Web’s speed and performance either. Over the past 3 months I’ve experienced greater than 99.99% uptime (which is expected from a dedicated server). I can’t see this changing much over the next 3 months, and 100% put my faith in Liquid Web in delivery an excellent service.

My test website which I created for the dedicated server had some good response times too. The peak response time was only around 874ms which is still less than 1 second. On average, I was getting 642ms response times. Though their speed isn’t the best I’ve seen, it’s certainly value for money considering what else they offer.


+ Very easy to use

+ Excellent value for money

+ Fast and personal customer support

+ Generous features



– Can be very expensive

3. BlueHost – Best for Storage & Bandwidth

BlueHost is well known in the hosting industry for offering affordable hosting. The company have been around for a long time and have proven to be very reliable over the years.

Even BlueHost’s shared web hosting receives positive feedback (it does from me too). They provide high speed and performance results as well as offering a world of features that you can’t get anywhere else. If you’re strapped for cash, but are looking for a dedicated server that packs a punch, BlueHost can certainly fulfill your needs.

Pricing Plans

BlueHost keep things simple by offering 3 pricing plans for their dedicated servers. There’s 3 tiers to choose from: standard, enhanced, and premium. Prices start from as low as £61.37 per month, which is incredibly cheap for a dedicated server!

All of BlueHost’s dedicated server hosting plans include the following features (at no extra cost):

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Fast provisioning (24-72 hours)
  • Raid storage
  • Root access

Before we continue, I want to mention that the prices shown for BlueHost are based on an initial 36-month term. The affordable pricing is only really affordable if you’re happy to commit long-term. Which, if you are, you’re going to grab yourself an absolute bargain.

BlueHost allow all of their dedicated server customers to upgrade storage at any point in term. It’s all done through cPanel which makes it incredibly easy to process. Liquid Web’s storage starts at 240GB, whereas BlueHost’s cheapest plan offers 500GB storage space! You’ll also get a whopping 5TB bandwidth, which increases to 10TB and 15TB in their higher tiered pricing plans.


As you will have seen from the pricing plans that BlueHost offer, they come with some pretty neat features. In terms of technical specs alone, they offer some of the best I’ve seen in the dedicated hosting industry. 500GB storage on their cheapest plan is really good. With SSD storage, more often than not you won’t see more than 240GB (like Liquid Web).

One of the things I really love about BlueHost is that they won’t charge you extra if you get more traffic than you expected. Lots of web hosts actually charge for this and penalise you for it. The flip side to this is that your website will perform a lot slower than normal, but you do save money (swings and roundabouts).

BlueHost’s features may seem standard in the industry, but you have to consider how much you’re paying for them. They’re the same features as you’d get with most dedicated servers, for half the price! The servers are great and have performed well in all my tests. If you’re not happy with your server, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is very generous for a dedicated server.

Customer Support

I selected BlueHost’s live chat support at 18:06 PM (GMT) to test their customer service. It said I’d be connected within 5 minutes but I was actually connected in less than 5 seconds which may be an all-time record!

I asked the agent (Andrea) whether their dedicated servers included a free CDN. The agent was quite persistent in obtaining some further information from me, like a domain name and email address. As this was a pre-sales question, I didn’t feel this information was necessary in order for me to proceed.

The agent finally provided me with the answer to my question, which is exactly what I wanted. BlueHost will get the job done in terms of support, but won’t necessarily go above and beyond the call of duty.

Although the support was efficient, I wouldn’t class it as outstanding. When you compared it to Liquid Web… well, there just isn’t a comparison really!

Speed & Performance

I’ve already mentioned that BlueHost are very reliable. This continues to show through the speed and performance tests I performed on my test website. Their dedicated server gave me an uptime of 99.98% which is very respectable. Although it wasn’t the 99.99% uptime that some hosts guarantee, I only had a total of 2 minutes downtime.

I thought it would be useful to monitor my server’s response time too. After all, if I’m wanting to encourage users to visit my website, I want them to be able to access it quickly. I was very pleased with an average response time of 312ms which equates to less than 0.3 seconds! I highly doubt that anyone is going to be that impatient that they’ll leave my site before then.


+ Generous storage and bandwidth

+ Stable uptime and response times

+ Very affordable



– Pricing is based on a 36-month term

4. HostGator – Best for Reliability

HostGator is my favourite dedicated web host in terms of reliability. Their services never let me down, and their large customer base reflects how great they are. As well as being very reliable, they also display a good balance between features and affordability.

HostGator may not offer the fastest speeds on their dedicated servers, but they do offer a few guarantees. They offer both HDD and SSD options, allowing for greater flexibility to a wider market.

Pricing Plans

HostGator offer 3 dedicated hosting plans from $119 per month. Their most expensive plan is only $149 per month, which (in comparison to other web hosts) is actually fairly decent!

All of HostGator’s dedicated servers come with 24/7/365 support, including their live chat service. They offer cPanel and WHM on all Linux based servers as well as 3 dedicated IPs, full root access, and DDoS protection.

As you can see, HostGator’s Value Server starts from just $119 per month. It comes with an Intel Xeon CPU with 8GB RAM, 1GB HDD, and unmetered bandwidth. The price is very affordable considering it’s a dedicated server, and the features included are pretty good.

If I had to think of something negative here, I’d like to see the value server offer SSD storage as well as a HDD option (like their other plans). When you look at what BlueHost offer for a cheaper price, if you were just basing your decision on features, BlueHost would win my vote.

However, when you move up to the power server, you get double the RAM (16GB RAM), double the storage space (2TB) and the option to swap to an SSD. If you’re willing to spend just $10 more per month, their top plan boasts a whopping 30GB RAM and 1GB SSD.


When you look at the base features HostGator offers, I’d conclude that they’re pretty good. You get unlimited bandwidth on all plans (which is actually around 10TB), but that’s plenty in my opinion.

Their RAM is very generous, as is the processor behind each server. Maybe they’re not the absolute best features you could find in the dedicated hosting world, but when you weigh up the price, they’re damn good.

If you do happen to exceed the bandwidth cap, which is very unlikely, your site won’t go down. It will get a lot slower, but unlike some web hosts, HostGator will ensure your site stays live (thankfully).

Unfortunately HostGator doesn’t offer a free CDN service like BlueHost, nor do they provide automatic backups (like LiquidWeb). However, they do have the option of semi-managed or fully-managed dedicated servers. These options and add-ons are available before you purchase, and the price change reflects this beforehand.

Customer Support

My experience with HostGator’s customer support has always been positive. I decided to put their agents to the test at around 7PM (GMT) when I thought they’d be pretty busy. Connecting to their live chat took a mere 3 seconds which was incredible. The response time of the agent was very fast, and I never felt like I was waiting too long for an answer.

I was connected to Christa very quickly (as I mentioned). I wanted to test her knowledge around the dedicated server features, so I asked her about the DDoS protection on offer. I felt the start of the answer was a little strange, as they couldn’t tell me much, what what the agent did tell me was more than satisfactory.

I also asked whether they offered a CDN on any of their plans, which unfortunately they don’t. But, this wasn’t about the features, this was about the agent’s knowledge of their products.

HostGator’s customer support exceeded my expecations. They offered quick answers, and ones which explained what I had asked. Although I felt an element of copy/paste answers, at least the wording was clear. A more personal approach would’ve been nice, but if you’re looking for support, HostGator will give it to you.

Speed & Performance

Remember when I told you that HostGator is my favourite host in terms of reliability? This is where they really excel! I tested my dedicated server that I rented from HostGator to monitor it’s uptime.

HostGator gave me a top score of 100% uptime which is absolutely spot on. I haven’t incurred a single disturbance or downtime during my time with them. Having a website which is reliable is incredibly important to me (and I’m sure will be to you).

Like I have done with other web hosts, I also wanted to test HostGator’s response time. The average response time was 895ms which is a little below the industry standard. I was a little disappointed, but I knew this wasn’t HostGator’s sweet spot. My site still loaded within 1 second which is perfectly acceptable.


+ Very reliable web host (100% uptime)

+ Features versus price is well balanced

+ 24/7/365 support



– Support isn’t very personal

5. A2 Hosting – Best for Load Time

A2 Hosting isn’t necessarily as well know as some other web hosts, but it doesn’t mean they’re not worth considering. They are well known for their fast loading speeds and good performance.

Aside from being outstanding in the performance area, A2 Hosting doesn’t quite hit the bar when it comes to everything else. For example, cPanel isn’t included in their price plans, which is something you’d actually expect as standard to be included!

Pricing Plans

For only £77.12 per month for their basic plan, you’re looking at some of the cheapest dedicated hosting available. However, as I mentioned above, you’re going to have to pay extra for the likes of cPanel. A cPanel licence is going to cost you $39.95 (per month), and additional IPs cost $4 per month. One of the biggest surprises I found with A2 Hosting’s pricing was that continuous protection (backups) cost $120 per month!

Looking at the positives, they do offer high spec servers with a wealth of features already included. 8GB RAM, 10TB bandwidth, and 2x 500GB storage can’t really be complained about. Once you move past their basic plan, you’ll get a free SSL certificate included, as well as upgrades to performance, speed, and storage.


A2 Hosting offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which is always nice to see. Their technical specifications are very sufficient for most needs, but when compared to other web hosts, don’t always match up.

However, when you take a look at their speeds and the price you’re paying, most customers would be very happy with what’s on offer. The generous disk space, bandwidth and CPU’s are pretty decent too.

A2 Hosting offer a lot of options when it comes to purchasing a dedicated server. Although a lot of these come at a cost, it makes their servers very customisable. Some of their additional features include:

• Memory upgrade

• Storage upgrade

• Extra IPs

• Backups

• Operating systems

Customer Support

When I first attempted to contact A2 Hosting’s customer support, it was 2:25PM (GMT).

I was number 9 in the queue which I wasn’t expecting. Most of my live chat experiences with other hosts have been really impressive (and definitely fast). There was the option to leave a message so they could get back to me, but the whole point of using live chat is getting a quick service, and answers there and then.

I waited over 10 minutes and things hadn’t moved on much. I still hadn’t connected to an agent and had only dropped to number 5 in the queue. By this point I actually gave up, so I couldn’t put their support agents to the test.

Speed & Performance

A2 Hosting are known for their fast speeds. Before putting my dedicated server through the ringer, I monitored it’s uptime to see how that would fair compared to other web hosts.

An uptime of 99.96% is very respectable, but it’s not anywhere near as good the likes of SiteGround. I was however very impressed with their response time, coming in at an average of 234ms which is astounding. You will definitely not have any worries when it comes to visitors abandoning your website due to slow speeds.


+ Affordable pricing plans

+ Very fast site response times

+ Lots of features to customise plans



– Live chat was unresponsive

– Additional features cost a lot of money - Best Web Hosting Comparison