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Best Node.JS Hosting in 2024

If you’ve ever needed a method to effortlessly host and manage apps or websites you’ve developed with Node.JS, Node.JS hosting is key. The best services that offer Node.JS hosting will give you plenty of advantages, such as achieving multiple concurrent connections, exceptional code execution and simple ways to build real-time applications.

Multiple Node.JS hosting providers offer these benefits, but choosing one isn’t easy. Here, I’ll explore the nine best Node.JS hosting provider services and share what I found when using them. I’ll look at the best features you can use to take your application management to the next level.

What Are Node.JS Hosting Providers and Services?

Node.JS hosting providers and services provide an infrastructure that works with Node.JS apps. They offer the correct server environment for these apps, ensuring they work efficiently. These providers and services also make code deployment simple. They ensure that if you want to scale the app or keep it secure when hosting, you have the features to achieve this.

These services also make deployment simpler, and there are several examples you may have heard of.

Best Node.JS Hosting Providers: Reviews

Let’s explore the best options we found:

1. Hostinger

I noticed multiple advantages when I used the Node.JS hosting service Hostinger provides. Many plans are available, including the KVM1, KVM2, KVM4 and KVM8. I chose the KVM8, which cost £17.99 monthly when the deal was available. This option would have cost £49.99 without the deal.

I could receive backups each week that were automatic and free, and I had access to free real-time snapshots. I also had access to eight vCPU cores and 32GB RAM.

With the eight vCPU cores, I could manage eight separate threads with greater processing power. With the 32GB RAM, I could access 32GB of memory. This feature made a significant difference to the speed of my application.

An ideal aspect of Hostinger’s plan was that Node.JS was pre-installed. It made the setup process faster and simpler. On the other hand, I found that automated Node.JS updates were unavailable, but I could manually complete some updates with a specific command.

What also came with Hostinger’s Node.JS hosting service was 400 NVMe disk space. This non-volatile memory express storage interface made transferring data faster, so I could store my files and databases with minimal effort. It improved the performance of my hosted application compared with some of the lower-level plans.

I particularly liked the scalability the service offered me and the option to receive bigger resources if required. Additionally, the 300 MB/s network speed was ideal when I wanted to transfer data.

I noticed that it was possible to install different Node.JS versions on the virtual private servers. What was ideal about this service was the option to switch between each version. This feature ensured there were no compatibility issues when running the application on the hosting solution. The solution used a Ubuntu template that made Hostinger a high-performance server.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, Hostinger is ideal and works well for many Node.JS web developers.

Hostinger VPS HostingPros

  • Excellent features that enhance the app’s high-performance outcomes.
  • Servers located around the world.
  • Cost-effective and affordable hosting provider.


  • Manual Node.JS updates are required.
  • Self-managed hosting means no technical support is offered.

2. HostPresto

HostPresto makes my list of the best Node.JS web hosting provider services due to its reliable services and price. It comes with a specific Node.JS hosting platform starting at just £5.00 monthly. This platform is ideal for Node-based apps and works perfectly for database storage space.

Multiple other packages were available, such as the Node 2, Node 5 and Node 10 options. I selected the Node 10 option and could have developed up to 10 applications. I received a maximum of 40GB of storage.

I found it easy to deploy and run my app and was pleased with the dedicated server that was private and free to use during a trial. This solution works for a range of web developers, meaning you can try the service and see if you want to continue using it.

I could work with any Node version I needed and work with a wide range of databases. Some examples of databases compatible with this platform include MySQL, Mongo, and PostGre.

I liked the fact that a free SSL certificate came with the domain and that the service would back up my app every day. As part of the backup, I retained seven daily restoration points and four weekly ones.

What was great about HostPresto was the 99.9% uptime guarantee and the 30-day money-back guarantee. Even if I did not like the service, I had the option to cancel within the first 30 days and would have received my money back. The uptime guarantee alongside this gave me the peace of mind that I was getting the most from my money.

I found that the servers were configured very well, and the support team was available to resolve any technical doubts quickly and efficiently. For instance, I could contact the technical support staff most hours of the day and receive the advice I required.

HostPresto Node.js HostingPros

  • A free trial option is available.
  • Customer support is available at all times.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee for constant website access.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee available.


  • Some plans are slightly more expensive than its competitors.

3. AccuWebHosting

With AccuWebHosting, I noticed that the pricing was higher than many alternatives. Their Node.JS hosting starts at £20.99 per month with the Linux setup. Even with their high security and technical support, I found it to be on the high-cost side. But it does offer multiple benefits.

Now, several plans are available with Linux. Their VPS 2 plan starts at £34.99, their VPS 3 plan starts at £62.99, and their VPS 4 plan starts at £116.99. Several separate plans are also available for Windows. Their VPS 1 Windows plan starts at £69.99, their VPS 2 starts at £123.99, their VPS 3 starts at £161.99, and their VPS 4 starts at £315.99 per month.

I selected the VPS 4 plan for the Windows setup and found that 32 GB RAM memory was available, as well as one IP address and eight virtual central processing units.

I liked that AccuWebHosting offers fully managed services. This feature meant that I could receive constant server monitoring, proactive server management, third-party installation tools and more. I could have full root access, so I could also have administrative control access to my files and directories. I received complimentary backup services and could opt for a paid backup service that would cost £8 per month.

The Node.JS setup was pre-configured, and the provider had established the right environment for running my Node.JS application. This feature meant that I did not need to set up all the dependencies manually.

Through AccuWebHosting, I could use the MySQL database. I had the option of using the PostGre database without spending any extra money.

Multiple other addons were available with this provider, including the LiteSpeed Elite, additional bandwidth and additional disk space. The LiteSpeed Elite web server software add-on would cost £79.99 per month, while the additional bandwidth would cost £16 per month, and the disk space would cost £4 per month.

AccuWebHosting Node.js HostingPros

  • 99.9% uptime means constant access to websites.
  • 24/7 live support helps with technical issues.
  • Money back guarantee available and simple cancellation if required.


  • The cost of AccuWebHosting is very high compared with alternative services.

4. HostingUK.Net

Like Hostinger, this hosting provider also offers a website builder, but its hosting packages are where it also shines. HostingUK.Net offers developer hosting for Linux and Windows, and four plans are available for each option.

I selected from the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Server plans and chose the Bronze specification for each option. This option offers a wide selection of features, including Node.JS hosting.

I found that this hosting provider is tailored to web developers who require complete control over the environment and hosting.

It offers 20 GB bandwidth if you select the Bronze price plan on the Linux option. However, after doing some digging, I found that the Silver and Gold plans both offer unlimited premium bandwidth. I also found that all the Linux plans offer unlimited sub-domains.

With the Windows plans, I found that Node.JS server hosting was also available. The platform also offers MariaDB and MySQL databases, some of the most powerful data features that ensured my application ran smoothly.

Now, daily backups are available with this hosting provider, as is the option to use GitHub integration and application pool management. This option also offers free support from UK-based support staff. The support is available at all hours of the day and costs nothing. You’ll also receive GitHub integration, making deployment from the repositories simpler.

HostingUK Windows HostingPros

  • Credits are available when uptime is not met.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee available.
  • Free website builder available with the hosting provider.


  • Occasionally, there is ineffective support through their ticket system.

5. MilesWeb

When using MilesWeb hosting services, I found that multiple plans were on offer. The plans include the Astra, Pixel, Doodle and Alpha Cloud. I selected the Doodle plan when a 70% discount was available and spent £3.90 per month instead of the £13.00 per month when no deal was available. I received several advantages.

It was possible to host up to 400 websites compared with the one or five available with the Astra and Pixel plans, respectively. I received 200GB NVMe and unmetered bandwidth. The NVMe storage enabled me to store plenty of data files. Since MilesWeb deploys the SSD NVMe drives on all Node.js hosting plans, I received it on the Doodle plan.

Now, I was pleased with a few other features. The 99.95% uptime made my application available to my audience consistently. I could select the latest Node.JS version and manage the app with a convenient interface. Scalability was ideal through this provider, and I could use the terminal to handle and manage the Node.JS app easily.

The speed at which I could use the hosting servers was impressive. My application was running within a few minutes as the servers provisioned instantly. I could deploy apps with several data sources and found that the Node.JS platform was stable and reliable.

Compared with Hostinger, the customer support service MilesWeb offered was ideal. This provider offered technical support quickly. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is an ideal feature. I also liked the fact that it offers unlimited free SSL certificate features with each option, which enforced the security of the connection between my visitors and my application.

MilesWeb Node.js HostingPros

  • Free SSL certificates are available.
  • Ability to use the latest Node.JS version.
  • Easy-to-use interface and dashboard.


  • Free domain name unavailable in the Astra and Pixel plans.

6. UKHost4u

UKHost4u offers low-cost web hosting services that are compatible with Node.JS. Three plans are available, including Basic, Advanced and Business. I selected the Advanced option, which came with advanced web hosting solutions and cost £11 per month plus VAT. It was ideal because I needed to host two websites.

When I used the service, I could receive Node.JS support and use a range of features after seamlessly integrating Node.JS. I liked the option to use any of the most recent Node.JS server launches with my application.

Some of the Node.JS versions I could use include 16.13.2 LTS and 17.3.1. Whether I wanted to create a new environment or use the existing one, I could select the Node.JS version. Creating the environment took just a few steps.

With UKHost4u, several other technology options are available. Some of the technologies include LiteSpeed cPanel, which offers a dedicated hosting solution, and others.

I noticed that 100GB of SSD storage space was available with this JS server hosting provider, plus dedicated server resources as part of a dedicated servers service.

UKHost4u HomepagePros

  • Fast loading speed with LiteSpeed capabilities.
  • Free website migrations are available.
  • 30-day guarantee available and full refund if dissatisfied with the service.


  • Free domains are unavailable, although free website migrations or transfers for domains are available.

7. Kamatera

With 18 global data centres, one of which is in the United Kingdom, Kamatera is a Node.JS hosting provider that runs on a cloud platform. I used this service and found that several features were available. For instance, I could select dedicated servers and choose from multiple vCPU processors. Additionally, I could access cloud infrastructure services when required.

I could also select the RAM memory, from 1 GB to 128 GB. Additionally, an extended daily backup service came with this provider, and I had the option to choose a managed service. I selected the daily backup service and received backups each day. I also selected the managed service option and found that Kamatera reviewed my operating system and system configuration.

I liked that Kamatera offers a 30-day free trial, which I used to determine whether I would continue using the service. I found that the 99.95% uptime was good but not as good as some other providers that offer a 99.99% uptime.

With Kamatera, the latest version of the Node.JS JavaScript runtime was available. Kamatera had already installed it.

What was also ideal about Kamatera was that a dedicated support team was available at any moment. Even when I had a technical question about the latency or the resources I would need, the team was able to assist me.

I found that these services were available for $4 (£3.16) each month and was pleased with the service I received.

Kamatera Node.js HostingPros

  • Unlimited data traffic allowance of up to 5,000 GB each month.
  • A free 30-day trial period is available that offers services valued at $100 (£78).
  • Effortless scaling up or down is available with this provider.


  • SSL certificates are not available for free.
  • The 99.95% uptime may not have been as high as other providers.

8. Diffusion Hosting

When using Diffusion Hosting, I found that it was a low-cost Node.JS hosting provider that offered SSD unlimited storage on its Pro plan and 10GB SSD storage on its Standard plan. I selected the Pro plan and found that I could create unlimited websites and web applications for just £9.99 each month.

I liked that I could have access to Git and work with a website builder as part of the services without paying extra. I could also access daily, weekly and monthly backups. The Git access enabled me to use the version control system and make changes to the files for my website. With the website builder, which would have started at £2.99 each month, I could choose between 190 templates.

With Diffusion Hosting, I could receive a range of account resources, such as unlimited databases, unlimited bandwidth, 1GB RAM memory and security features. A few of the security features that came with the Node.JS hosting service from Diffusion Hosting included DDOS protection, two-factor Authentication, ModSecurity firewalls and more.

Free services were available, including free SSL certificates with the website builder and the option to make free domain transfers to the service.

Diffusion Hosting offered me a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if I wasn’t pleased with their services, I could have received a refund. Although I wouldn’t receive a refund for the domain, Diffusion Hosting transferred it to my new hosting provider and did not charge me anything for this.

Diffusion Hosting Node.js HostingPros

  • 30-day money-back guarantee available.
  • Excellent security features on offer.
  • Responsive support team and ticket system for technical issues.


  • Diffusion Hosting is a less well-known hosting provider.

9. Asura Hosting

I used Asura Hosting and found that this less well-known Node.JS hosting provider had several plans available. It offers a Starter, Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, and Elite plan at an incredibly low cost. The Starter plan costs £0.82, and the Elite Plan costs £7.37 per month. I chose the Elite plan and found multiple advantages.

Free SSL certificates and unlimited websites were available with this provider. I could also receive daily backups and access to servers that were fully intended for Node.JS when they were built. With their Node.JS launcher, I found that launching the applications was fast and took place within minutes.

I liked that Asura Hosting offers a 99.99% uptime, which was ideal for my website. I also liked that I could use the latest Node.JS version or select between different versions.

Technical support is available with Asura Hosting, and when I had a query about the resources, they responded within 20 minutes. Their average response time is approximately 23 minutes.

I also received real-time statistics related to my web hosting account, including RAM memory and CPU usage. This feature kept me up to date on my account.

Although I did not try the Starter plan, I noticed some limited features. Private nameservers are unavailable with this plan, and a free yearly domain would also be unavailable. The plan did not come with a free dedicated IP address, but I did receive this with the Elite plan.

Asura Hosting Node.js HostingPros

  • Excellent 99.99% uptime.
  • The latest Node.JS version is available.
  • Option to switch between Node.JS versions.
  • Fast application launches available.
  • Low-cost solution for Node.JS apps.


  • Free yearly domain unavailable with lower-tiered plans.
  • It’s one of the less well-known Node.JS hosting providers.

Best Node.JS Hosting: Essential Points to Keep in Mind

Hosting and managing Node.JS apps with the right services can be an efficient way to keep them running efficiently. Even though many Node.JS hosting solutions are available, it’s not always easy to select the one that works well for you.

Each will offer unique features; however, with our list above, you automatically have the best selection of Node.JS hosting providers available.

If you want to widen your search, it’s a good idea to look for options offering free trials to see how they function and their specific features. Alternatively, you can limit your search to options that offer a money-back guarantee, such as Hostinger. Once you’ve tried them, choose a Node.JS hosting provider to manage your application effortlessly.


One alternative option for Node.JS hosting is the Google Cloud Platform. The GCP hosting platform supports Node.JS and offers multiple services to do so. Its scalable infrastructure, network and virtual machines offer high-performance and powerful support that facilitates hosting applications that run using Node.JS. You may also consider Microsoft Azure as another alternative.

You’ll need to consider the specific programming languages your web host supports. You’ll also need to consider whether it’s scalable and can cope with the traffic your application will receive. The ease of management is an important factor that you should consider. You’ll find benefits in looking for tools that make the management easier. Finally, ensure you look for exceptional technical support from your host.

Yes, one of the ideal things about using Node.JS is the chance to use the same language for the front-end work and the back-end development. Although this wasn’t the case in the past, you can now save time when writing applications and using Node.JS hosting providers.

To some extent, it’s possible to use Node.JS for shared hosting. However, you’ll find that some restrictions or limitations may apply. Node.JS will work best on a dedicated server or a virtual private server. Therefore, it’s best to consider hosting services that allow Node.JS application integrations with APIs and work with virtual private servers.

One of the best hosting providers for Node.JS is Hostinger. Its strong performance is just one reason it’s the ideal hosting provider. You’ll find that it’s reliable, provides scalable options, and is affordable if you have several Node.JS apps of different sizes. - Best UK Web Hosting