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Choosing the best eCommerce themes for your online store can be time-consuming. There are hundreds out there, so narrowing the best ones down can be somewhat of a chore.

Luckily for you, we’ve spent the time testing each one…

1. Brooklyn (Best Free Shopify eCommerce Theme)

Brooklyn is a free Shopify theme. It’s the most popular and top-rated free eCommerce theme in the Shopify marketplace with 74% positive feedback.

I absolutely love it! If I’m honest, I was a bit reluctant to use a free theme but I couldn’t afford to purchase a premium theme upfront. I’m so glad I chose Brooklyn! It’s really easy to customise and it’s so clean and minimal – in line with my branding. Now I just have to work out how to link my Instagram feed to my homepage!

The theme is officially supported by Shopify and includes the following features:

  • Designed for modern apparel stores
  • Header slideshow
  • Dynamic product grid
  • Slide-out cart
  • Homepage video

Every theme on the Shopify store includes:

  • Customisable content sections
  • SEO
  • Drop-down navigation support
  • Free theme upgrades
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Social media icons
  • Colour palettes
  • Free stock photos by Burst

The beauty of the variation of Shopify themes is that they are tailored to different business solutions. For example, some will include specific features and apps for portfolios, menu apps for restaurants, and hr software for small businesses.

The theme offers a very simple yet effective homepage layout. Following the header slideshow, customers are presented with Brooklyn’s featured collection and featured products. These are designed to show off the very best of what’s available and grab the user’s attention.

The simple tone to this theme runs throughout, however, it’s extremely on-point to what it is designed to do. Products are made obvious and links are in the right places to make navigation and the user journey a pleasant one.

2. The North Pole (Best Free Wix eCommerce Theme)

The North Pole is a free Wix online store template. It’s specifically designed for online stores, outdoor and adventurer retailers, and accessory boutiques.

Rugged and sleek with a bold layout, this eCommerce template is tailor-made for stores selling more than just products: they sell a lifestyle. And with Wix stores, managing your inventory is easy! Upload images of your product, add descriptions and prices, and start selling

This theme is all about grabbing your website visitor’s attention with imagery. It uses bold visuals to make simple statements and call-to-actions like “shop now”, “new arrivals”, and “on-sale”.

The theme displays just how easy it is to take this template and run with it. For example, there are obvious points that can be updated to make them your own, like the about and contact sections. Of course, with Wix’s drag and drop editor, you can do whatever you like to make your site unique.

If you want to change the entire design of your template, with Wix you can do this. However, their templates are designed to make your life easier and this really shows throughout their selection of industry-specific designs.

3. Vault (Best Free BigCommerce eCommerce Theme)

Vault is a popular free BigCommerce theme for online stores. It has much more of a classic and typical eCommerce feel than the other templates we’ve mentioned so far. The theme comes with 3 styles: Bright, Cool, and Natural.

It boasts the following features:

  • Responsive template
  • Homepage slideshow
  • Product comparisons
  • Search filtering
  • Cart suggested products
  • Advanced quick view
  • Product showcase
  • Mega navigation
  • Google AMP
  • Customised checkout

Vault can get your online journey started straight away. With three different styles, you’re already set up with your website’s dominant colour, showing through on clear call-to-action buttons and colour highlights.

With the built in color pickers, you can quickly change the look of nearly every element within the theme. Vault offers a built-in mega menu that is the perfect choice for large menus and is versatile enough to handle both small and large catalogs alike, all while keeping a sleek and modern design.

Vault has been designed so that it’s well optimised for almost every industry. Its modern feel and wide range of features means you can use it for any eCommerce store. Products can be highlighted as featured products, on sale, and can be filtered with a range of options on the product selection page.

4. Thorne (Best Free SquareSpace eCommerce Theme)

Thorne offers a very simplistic, minimalistic and modern view on eCommerce themes. Its monochromatic look makes it very easy for customers to spot CTAs and links to other areas of the online store.

There are plenty of people using the Thorne theme, including:

Whilst all of these websites are using the same theme, it’s clear to see just how unique and different they all are.

Thorne may not be the most suitable template for every type of online store, but it certainly offers a simple solution. I’d recommend using Thorne if you have a small selection of products that you want to sell, perhaps more individual products or high-end brands.

SquareSpace suggests that you should choose a design that you like the look of, rather than one that provides the features you need. That’s because you can use any of SquareSpace’s features across their library of templates.

5. Fabricks – Dusk (Best Free Weebly eCommerce Theme)

Weebly’s Dusk theme offers a classic yet modern eCommerce feel, with all of the essential features for you to set up a shop. The theme uses surfwear to show off what it can do, offering an image-heavy banner with a call-to-action to get customers to start shopping.

Some of the features that Dusk boasts include:

  • Fully responsive
  • CSS buttons
  • Vector social icons
  • Full-width header image
  • Colour palettes

I am really keen on this themes simple feel. Everything makes sense, from the static menu bar to featured collection items and new arrivals. The slick and crisp attention to detail makes images stand out, which is exactly what an eCommerce theme is supposed to do.

Even down to the newsletter sign up on the homepage, Weebly’s Dusk theme keeps on giving. There are obvious call-to-actions and a high level of consistency throughout the theme. However, one frustrating thing about Weebly’s theme previews is that there’s only so much on offer.

For example, the homepage draws you in with lots to explore, but the moment you start to try and discover the shop, there’s no content to view. If you do want to see the rest of the theme, you can sign up for Weebly for free and start building your website.

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